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Google: Helping People Find the Best Answers

At Google, we’ve always focused on putting the user first. We aim to provide relevant answers as quickly as possible—and our product innovation and engineering talent have delivered results that users seem to like, in a world where the competition is only one click away. Still, we recognize that our success has led to greater scrutiny. (...).
  • We believe users come first.
  • We believe in choice.
  • We believe in transparency.
  • We believe there is always room to improve.
Because of the many choices available to you, we work constantly on making search better, and will continue to follow the principles that have guided us from the beginning:
  1. Do what's best for the user.
  2. Provide the most relevant answers as quick as possible.
  3. Label advertisements clearly.
  4. Be transparent.
  5. Loyalty, not lock-in.
(...) To learn more about our business, please visit
Posted by Amit Singhal, Google Fellow.
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