quinta-feira, 2 de junho de 2011

Internet by 2015: Global traffic to quadruple

Monthly traffic in exabytes 2010–2015 by country:
  1. U.S. is highest,
  2. Followed by Korea,
  3. and in 2015, China (credit: Cisco).
Cisco predicts more than 15 billion network-connected devices by 2015, reaching 966 exabytes (10^18 bytes) per year—close to 1 zettabyte (10^21 bytes). Average global IP traffic in 2015 will reach 245 terabytes. Know more at http://goo.gl/kVGzK. Assista ao vídeo Cisco Visual Networking Index Global IP Traffic Forecast, 2010-2015 Update, em http://goo.gl/2shTp.

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